Practical Application-Specific Advantage through Hybrid Quantum Computing


Terra Quantum pioneers a range of quantum technologies with the mission of leading the quantum revolution from meaningful solutions today to a more prosperous future tomorrow. The development of quantum technologies will disrupt many industries, creating new opportunities and at the same time, new risks. Currently, there is considerable concern about the nefarious use of quantum technologies for illegal hacking. It is expected that in the near future, quantum computers will develop to such a point that they pose a significant threat to our current information security protocols, allowing hackers access to sensitive information globally by brute-forcing security problems previously uncrackable by classical computers. While companies in the financial and healthcare spaces are especially concerned with protecting confidential and sensitive information, all industries are aware of the financial losses and reputational damages that result from data breaches and should be proactive in addressing this threat. This business white paper discusses the nature of the coming threat and details our comprehensive offerings and solutions for secure communication in the quantum age. These include Terra Quantum’s novel Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocol, Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) and Post-Quantum Library.


Quantum computing promises to tackle technological and industrial problems insurmountable for classical computers. However, today’s quantum computers still have limited demonstrable functionality, and it is expected that scaling up to millions of qubits is required for them to live up to this touted promise. The feasible route in achieving practical quantum advantage goals is to implement a hybrid operational mode that realizes the cohesion of quantum and classical computers. Here we present a hybrid quantum cloud based on a memory-centric and heterogeneous multiprocessing architecture, integrated into a high-performance computing data center grade environment. We demonstrate that utilizing the quantum cloud, our hybrid quantum algorithms including Quantum Encoding (QuEnc), Hybrid Quantum Neural Networks and Tensor Networks enable advantages in optimization, machine learning, and simulation fields. We show the advantage of hybrid algorithms compared to standard classical algorithms in both the computational speed and quality of the solution. The achieved advance in hybrid quantum hardware and software makes quantum computing useful in practice today.

Explosive development of quantum technologies imposes a challenge to correctly identify the approach most effective in exploiting the potential of quantum computing and successful in addressing the required industryrelevant problems in full-scale. The present state of the quantum art is attested as Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) technology, in which quantum computers comprising 50-100 qubits are on their way of surpassing the capabilities of today’s classical digital computers but in which quantum device decoherence, measurement imperfections, control errors and architectural limitations retard the further size growth of quantum circuits that can be reliably implemented

Keywords: Quantum Computer; Hybrid Quantum Neural Networks; QMWare, Terra Quantum

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