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Terra Quantum pioneers a range of quantum technologies with the mission of leading the quantum revolution from meaningful solutions today to a more prosperous future tomorrow. The development of quantum technologies will disrupt many industries, creating new opportunities and at the same time, new risks. Currently, there is considerable concern about the nefarious use of quantum technologies for illegal hacking. It is expected that in the near future, quantum computers will develop to such a point that they pose a significant threat to our current information security protocols, allowing hackers access to sensitive information globally by brute-forcing security problems previously uncrackable by classical computers. While companies in the financial and healthcare spaces are especially concerned with protecting confidential and sensitive information, all industries are aware of the financial losses and reputational damages that result from data breaches and should be proactive in addressing this threat. This business white paper discusses the nature of the coming threat and details our comprehensive offerings and solutions for secure communication in the quantum age. These include Terra Quantum’s novel Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) protocol, Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) and Post-Quantum Library.


Quantum computing will trigger a transformation of almost every industry within the next ten years, with the automotive, logistics, finance, pharma, energy and chemical industries amongst the most positively impacted. Quantum computing has the potential to help humankind overcome technological limitations in solving our greatest challenges in business and society, including improved energy efficiencies through optimal grid management, rapid acceleration of the drug discovery process, and improved prediction and simulation of complex systems like weather patterns. Hybridisation of quantum and classical high-performance computing technology is rapidly evolving. This enables us to address industrially relevant applications today.

Hybrid quantum computing is the key to unlocking business benefits, utilising this new technology innovation today. Our approach with the QMware hybrid quantum cloud combined with our proprietary hybrid quantum algorithm libraries, harnesses the best of quantum and classical computing to solve real-world problems. Following this approach, we have identified 50+ opportunities across industries that will benefit in the areas of optimisation, machine learning and simulation, helping organisations innovate faster, increase profitability and create more efficiency. Our hybrid approach is modular. Hence, when native QPUs mature sufficiently, we can plug these devices into the back end of the QMware system and seamlessly transition to the latest hardware without needing to make changes to the quantum application. In this publication, we outline the opportunity for business executives to adopt hybrid quantum computing and create strategic advantages in their industries today. Our hybrid quantum algorithms executed on the hybrid quantum cloud can:

• Generate business advantages by solving real-world problems in the areas of optimisation, machine learning and simulation

• Combine the best of classical and quantum hardware in one integrated platform

• Seamlessly harness the power of improved quantum processors as they mature

• Ensure that our partners and clients do not need to bet on a certain type of quantum hardware or a particular hardware player

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About the Author

Terra Quantum is committed to building quantum technology for a better future, breaking down the barriers between science and industry, and laying the foundations of a real quantum tech ecosystem and value chain.

Terra Quantum value the intrinsic connection between our planet and quantum technologies, putting sustainability at the core of our business and culture.

Standing at the very beginning of this revolution Terra Quantum feels the excitement – and responsibility – for the applications and tools they are developing.